Legal documents for civil and religious weddings, Prague

Legal requirements

Legal requirements

White - Prague Wedding Agency will assist you in obtaining all the required documentation enabling you to become legally married in the Czech Republic. We will provide you with detailed guideline how and where to request and collect required documents in the country of your origin.

Generally required documents from your home country:

All of the above mentioned documents issued in your country (except documents for religious weddings) must be legalized by a governmental stamp called an APOSTILLE that certifies documents of foreign origin for use in the Czech Republic. In case you are unable to obtain some of the documents in your country we can assist you to arrange it from our office. In all cases clients are responsible for the charges to obtain the required documents from their home country for marriage in Czech Republic.

As the required documents vary for each nationality please contact us for more details.


All the required documents from your home country must be sent via registry mail to our Prague office no later than 30 days prior to the wedding day. We then manage Czech translation of all received documents as required by Czech law. Also we prepare and obtain all the necessary documents from Czech Authorities.

Most Czech govermental offices have office hours on Monday and Wednesday therefore Clients are requested to arrive in Prague, Czech Republic minimum 3 working days prior to their wedding day in order to complete the administration. Our Wedding Coordinator will accompany you to the required local offices prior to the wedding ceremony.

Please note:

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