Marykathryn & Jason


Marykathryn & Jason

Wedding Day 11. 10. 2013

Civil ceremony (New Town Hall
Elopement wedding

Dear Natalie
Jason and I will head back to the states on Tuesday morning. It has been such an amazing trip! Thank you for all your help, and Petra was outstanding for our photoshoot...the weather seemed to cooperate with us! And we are so excited to see the pictures!!!!
And the kings of Leon sounded good on the organ too!. It really was everything we had hoped. Stress free and beautiful. Would it be possible to get a copy of the words from our ceremony? It was very meaningful and we would love to have that to keep as a memory.
Prague 2/New Town Hall was lovely, and so nice to be the only wedding that day. We really enjoyed having Madam Jana preside over our ceremony, she was excellent. Everyone was so professional and friendly to us- we really felt very welcome, even as foreigners being married here.
It just reminded us how much we love prague and the czech people.  
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding happen.
I'm sure we will speak soon :)

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