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Weddings in Slovakia

Weddings in Slovakia

Slovak Republic is the eastern neighbor of the Czech Republic and its famous for its nature beauties. The scenery is diversified; from lowlands, mountain meadows and forests, to majestic Tatra Mountains with its protected beautiful National Parks. It is also a country with lot of Castles, renovated Manor houses & mountain Spa resorts that are set in a breathtaking countryside which could be the perfect backdrop for your wedding. 

Slovakia’s capital city is called Bratislava where tourists are coming to love the freshly restored old town, now almost entirely closed to cars. 

Civil and Religious Weddings in the Slovak Republic are fully recognized by respective legal systems for all the nationalities from around the world. 

We invite you to view different wedding settings from Manor houses to magical romantic Castles. 

Have you dream wedding in unrecognized Slovakia....

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